Sprint’s plan for mobile domination? “Be the good guy.”

“Be the good guy.” Why not?

It’s not every day that Sprint gets to share good news twice in one day, but today is no ordinary day for the number 3 national wireless carrier.

Coming off better than expected earnings report, CEO Dan Hesse made his appeal to customers very simply, Sprint will be “the good guy.”

In The Verge’s article, Hesse described Sprint’s corporate strategy as “doing the right thing” for its customers; to build loyalty among their subscribers. One of those “right things” to do according to the earnings call is to keep Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plans, unlimited.

Sprints strategy extends beyond just their data offerings; Hesse stressed the importance of everything from their device recycling programs to the wildly original idea of keeping customers satisfied. (During Hesse’s four-year tenure, Sprint has gone from dead last in customer satisfaction to number one. Not bad indeed.)

Sprint’s CEO took the earnings as a chance to defend his company from some of the criticism they’ve recently been facing – mainly dealing with their decision to roll out WiMax and paying a reported $15 Billion to begin offering the Jesus iPhone. Hesse stressed that on both counts, he strongly felt that the net positives heavily outweigh the criticism; with WiMax Sprint was able to say they were the first carrier to offer “true” 4G speeds (eh) and with the iPhone the promise of customers that are hooked on beautifully designed UX that they’d stay on as long as the carrier offers the phone.

Hesse also pulled no punches as to his opinions on the AT&T and Verizon’s growth; Hesse stressed the importance of smaller carriers consolidating (read: merging)  in order to continue to be competitive in the shrinking mobile arena. It should also be noted that recently Sprint was in talks to acquire regional carrier, MetroPCS. So make of that what you will.

Hit the source link for the full details on Good Guy Sprint’s better-than-bad quarterly earnings.

Source: The Verge

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