This is why people don’t like you on Facebook

There are some things that you just don’t talk about among your friends. Sex, religion, politics. Well according to a recent Pew study, politics is really the main reason why you’re being unfriended (de-friended?) on Facebook these days.

In a report in the Washington Post, the number one reason more and more people are ceasing to be friends on the godawful ubiquitous social site relates to their political views. According to Pew’s research, most people are friends with people that they often don’t share common views with. You don’t say? The study determined that some 38-percent of participants did not know or discovered their friends personal political views through status updates on Facebook. Makes you wonder if they ever held conversations longer than a couple of sentences in length.

So if you’re looking for a fun new way to troll your Facebook friends, may I suggest your undying support of the Ron Paul Revolution.

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  1. I can attest to this. I’m on FB because it’s an easy way to share pics and info with family. But when one of them gets all Jesus-y,  the Unfriend button cannot be hit fast enough.

  2. I read that first comment like 3 times, thinking “there’s something suspicious about – Oh! That’s me!”

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