Apple wants to help you buy that “new iPad”

Buyers remorse is not uncommon for the gadget obsessed; whether it’s due to planned obsolescence of a refresh cycle or simply because the world has moved on to actual smartphones instead of that BlackBerry you’re carrying around (sorry Ray) there will come a time where we think of the money we’ve sunk into our gear and think, “If only I could get some of that back!”

If you’re one of those folks that bought an iPad2 just over a year ago, you’ll be happy to know that Apple has updated their Reuse and Recycling program to offer as much as $320 for that iPad2.  Apple’s Recycling Program will pay anywhere from $205 (16GB WiFi only) up to $320 ( 64GB WiFi/3G). So if you haven’t already thrown down the plastic for a pre-order, your display of stinginess restraint may payoff to the tune of a 40% discount.

Not bad at all.

Source: Engadget

5 thoughts on “Apple wants to help you buy that “new iPad””

  1. Apple doesn’t think my old iBook 500 MHz G3 doesn’t have any residual value.

    I’m inclined to agree. It just hurt hearing it. 

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