Humble Bundle comes to Android

For the uninitiated, the Humble Bundle is the best deal in video gaming period. You get 4 indie games for a low bundled suggested price (or you can cheap out and pay what you like) and get a chance to give to a worthy cause. Hence, best deal in video gaming. Period.

One of best features of the Humble Bundle is that you pay once and you get it the game cross-platform; buy it for Mac, Windows and Linux is still an option. Now you can add your Android device to the list. So just to sum it up, you get four DRM free games that play on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, the soundtrack to each game, and a chance to give to charity.

Right now you can get Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and World of GOO for the price YOU set. And if you end up cheaping out on the bundle, make sure to tip the Humble Bundle guys.

Sources: Humble Bundle, Android Police

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