“Don’t Be Evil” Tool keeps Google in check

We’ve already talk about Google’s Search Plus “feature” and it’s greatest contribution – the ability to turn it off, but the folks behind FocusOntheUser.org have taken things one step further. Not only do they expose Search Plus for stacking search results in Google+’s favor, they created a tool to allow users to make more relevant social searches using Google Search.

Focus On the User created a bookmarlet and Chrome/Firefox extension, very aptly named “Don’t Be Evil”, that hopes to eliminate the clusterfuck that is Google Search Plus.  Focus On the User very importantly notes, that they compiled their code from Google’s own API; that is to say that all rankings, orderings, and search results are not designed to diminish Google+ any more than a normal Google search would have.

The Don’t Be Evil bookmarlet was designed by engineers from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites and will be releasing the source code for their work in the near future. Hopefully this will get the big G to reconsider this half-baked, dick move on their part. At the very least it’ll give coders the tools to keep Google honest whether they want to or not.

Hat tip Killahkazx

Sources: Search Engine Land, Focus on the User

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