Amazon Kindle Owners Lending Library: Free Books, Yo!

On Amazon’s home page, CEO Jeff Bezos has a message of hope, of free books. Amazon Kindle owners now have access to thousands of books – including New York Times Bestsellers past and present.  As of right now, you’re limited to one book a month, but you can ‘keep’ that book as long as you like. This is clearly aimed at the casual reading crowd, but – as Bezos points out – Kindle is the only e-reader to offer this service.

This is on top of the recent announcement that Kindle is partnering with 11000 libraries around the country to loan free ebooks. Of course, you have to be an Amazon Prime member, but if you’re getting 12 NYT Bestsellers a year, you’ve almost completely recovered the cost of Prime in book savings alone.

So if you’re in the market for some free – new –  books (and more free books from your library), snag a Kindle (or the Kindle App Sorry, it’s limited to physical Kindle devices only) and get a Prime membership, because it’s worth it.

Source: Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

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