Samsung lawyers embarrass themselves in court, can’t distinguish Galaxy Tab from iPad

As I’m sure everyone knows (and is sick of hearing about) by now, Apple is locked in a bitter trademark dispute with Samsung over copyright infringement. They argue that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is too similar to the iPad and that was done specifically to confuse customers. Maybe it’s a BS claim, maybe it’s not, but Samsung’s lawyers didn’t do themselves any favors yesterday during a court hearing when the presiding judge, Lucy Koh, held up both devices and told them to pick out the Samsung product from 10 feet away.

Kathleen Sullivan, an attorney for Samsung, responded: ““Not at this distance your honor.”

The legal team eventually choose the correct device, but not after significant deliberation. “It took a long time to make that distinction,” said Koh.

I get it. They’re lawyers and not necessarily tech savvy. But in this case it’s their business to know. The whole argument hinges on accusation that the design of the tablet was intended to mislead consumers who wouldn’t know any better. If the lawyers can’t identify the product they’re representing then that doesn’t bode well for their defense. As similar as the Galaxy Tab and iPad might be, there are still a number of cosmetic difference that they should have known. These guys are being paid thousands of dollars for the representation, they could at least do their homework.

The stumble may be less damning than it sounds and Apple’s case is still far from won, but that’s just plain embarrassing for Samsung.

10 thoughts on “Samsung lawyers embarrass themselves in court, can’t distinguish Galaxy Tab from iPad

  1. But who decides out right what they’re going to buy from 10 feet away? Before you buy something like that, you should feel it, and see how it works. It’s a ridiculous question to ask anyone.  And it’s not like iPad sales are hurting that much.

  2. The judge is stupid. How different can two tablets be? Sure, with computers, you can change the keyboard, the screen, the material used, etc. But this is a tablet we are talking about?? A tablet is basically just a screen! Apple, don’t tell me that no one but you is allowed to make a screen with black borders? WTF?

      1. Just because Apple is first doesn’t mean it’s alone. Apple’s case against Android manufacturers is just more convincing because Apple has a very good brand image, its products are of high quality, and the range of its products are few, which have a subtle effect on the audience so as to make Apple products unique and revolutionary.

        1. It’s not a matter of who can make them that way, right now it’s a matter of who has the patent on it, and whether the other tablet is affecting (negatively) the Apple brand and their products. 
          Apple argues that the similarities are too much for pure coincidence.

          1. Who said it was coincidence? It’s just business. You take some ideas from your competitors, improve on it, have your improvements taken by your competitors, etc. It’s a natural cycle.

            But I do give Apple credit for being very sly and smart. Apple is using shock and awe to dazzle its Android competitors. It’s like environmental protesters, who demand that the government do impossible things. The protesters are aware that not all of their demands can be met, but they also realize that the more demands they make, the more likelihood that more of their demands will be met. In similar fashion, Apple is launching an all-out attack on Samsung, HTC, etc. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong; it doesn’t matter if they even win in court, for that matter! It just matters that they’ve shaken their competitors into thinking twice about Android. Clever.

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