Nexus Prime gets first official profile shot in Samsung teaser video

Mark your calendars for October 11, 2011 boys and girls because that’s what the Samsung UNPACKED event is in San Diego, California and (based off this video) the big reveal of the upcoming Nexus Prime. Samsung released this video yesterday amidst all the iPhone noise so it went widely unnoticed at first, until people began shifting their focus away from Apple later during the day. Although we don’t see a clear shot of the Nexus Prime, Samsung is clearly hinting that the phone will feature a curved glass display. Before you get too excited about this, keep in mind that the very end of the video tries really hard to over-exaggerate the curvature of the screen, so it easy to believe that the screen will be bowl-like. Odds are that the curvature won’t be so extreme, but it still will be curved to a certain degree.

Along with the Samsung Nexus Prime, Google is expected to reveal the next major version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich at the event along with the phone. Boy is this an exciting month for all three major smartphone platforms out there! First the new iPhone 4S, now the next Nexus standard and Android version, and later on Windows Phone 7’s flagship device with Nokia. October 2011 sure is everything but boring for the smartphone industry!

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