Netflix streaming coming to UK and Ireland in early 2012

Britons and Irishfolk rejoice! Long have you coveted Netflix, the crown jewel of the Yankee media experience. Since the European music equivalent, Spotify, has landed on our shores, it is now only fair that the North American video equivalent, Netflix, land on yours. Come early 2012 Netflix will be providing its streaming services for movies and television shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland. No word on the pricing and depth of the content library but it is safe to assume that it will be around the competitive price of £5 per month and feature a large library of movies and television shows, including local programs that are popular with the British and Irish demographics. Netflix is already available in 43 countries in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Breaking crumpets bread in the UK and Ireland is the first step in expanding to the rest of the European community.

Source: Netflix

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