Extra-Life is asking you to be a hero!

There’s something about video gaming that brings out our inner-hero. Could be something about not worrying about coming to actual harm or dismemberment but it’s a really sweet feeling. What if that time spent being a virtual hero could be cashed in to help some heroic kids at the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals?

This weekend, Extra Life is giving you video game lovers the daunting task of playing video games (I know, it’s really hard) to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Starting at 8AM on October 15th, gamers will get together (or not – I told you it’s really easy) and go on a 24-hour gaming spree. You choose the game, you choose the platform and kids get the benefit of your sloth er, dedication.

Don’t really feel like playing games for 24-hours, no worries, sponsor an hour (or 24) at as little as $1 per hour for a team and know that you can be a hero without picking up your controller, joystick, keyboard, phone.

If you’re a team that’s participating and chronicling your dedication to the cause, send me an email, we’d love to feature you on The Noiescast.

Source: Extra Life

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