Episode 46 – Late Episode Part 2: The Eventual Arrival

Okay, so we seem to have a one week trailing thing going with these episode. I’m sorry, okay? Gosh. I’m on it. We’ll be back to normal tomorrow with episode 47 (which we just recorded yesterday). So, forgive me. Anyway, as usual, the topic list is after the jump but you can give the episode a listen right here:

Episode 46 Topic List
Date: 9/25/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Alberto, Gonzo, …

  1. HP Designates failed politician for their crazy train: http://bit.ly/o6YOMk
  2. Pandora slips into something a little more sexy: http://bit.ly/oSFbLq
  3. Amazon teams up with local libraries to gang-bang your Kindle with books: http://bit.ly/nYdYFt
  4. Google Plus Updates: http://bit.ly/pE67fV
  5. Netflix bifurcates: http://bit.ly/riyrCW (Chooses shitty name for service that they don’t like)
  6. Gamers accomplish something: http://bit.ly/qlCQfz
  7. A Sherpa recounts trek to Everest when there was still snow on the mountain: http://bit.ly/oqKEh3 (for consideration)
  8. Speed of light schmeed of light. http://reut.rs/oPVGHB
  9. Facebook’’s F8 announcements
    1. Facebook introduces Timeline: ‘a new way to express who you are’ | http://bit.ly <–WHAT THE FUCK LINK IS THAT – A DEAD ONE, SHUT UP! THE READERS WOULD NEVER HAVE FIGURED IT OUT! IDIOT!
  10. Facebook unveils ‘new kind of social app’ with new verbs like Read, Watch, and Listen | http://bit.ly/qmXmjS
  11. Facebook Music announced with Spotify, Rdio, MOG, and more | http://bit.ly/oC7yYz
  12. Facebook integrates with Hulu | http://goo.gl/Wd8cL
  13. FCC Makes Its Net Neutrality Rules Official (Updated) | http://reut.rs/psj0Y6

WTF! News

  1. Engine hoists repurposed: http://bit.ly/nkfRKu
  2. Girl gets tattooed, dad gets arrested: http://bit.ly/piahX2 (oh Florida)
  3. Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle | http://reut.rs/qygwqA
  4. Child Brings Mom’s Crack Pipe For Show-And-Tell | http://cbsloc.al/noUZ2v
  5. Edmonton senior sues over gum mishap – http://bit.ly/rbdBwD
  6. Florida Cop Uses Dildo To Bust Hooker: http://goo.gl/Wm0EF
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