WI cop illegally torrents “Hall Pass” and other signs of bad judgement

Look, we all do things we’re not supposed to do while on the job. Whether it’s reading The Noisecast when you should be getting those TPS reports completed, or watching the 10-hour Nyan Cat marathon on Youtube, we like to do dumb shit and get paid for it. Most of us however, are not cops.

On May 18th, an unnamed police officer in Madison, Wisconsin decided that not much of anything happens in Madison. So he did what any self-respecting slacker would do; torrent a movie on the company computer.  But it gets even better. Our intrepid slacker and piracy-be-damned-I-am-the-law public servant not only had to gall to illegally download a horrible Owen Wilson movie, he managed to infect his squad car’s laptop with a virus.

When Officer Shouldaknownbetta took the government owned laptop to be serviced by the station’s IT department it was quickly determined that it malfunction through improper use. Duh! Shouldaknownbetta received a 6 day suspension but to date has not been charged for piracy. (pssst… MPAA, get on that – bastards)


2 thoughts on “WI cop illegally torrents “Hall Pass” and other signs of bad judgement

  1. Any IT department that allows any and everybody to install programs (especially on a computer that uses 3G networks, because they probably have no content filters on it)
    And since that same laptop has an encrypted connection to the secure databases with names, addresses, and tons of things that people would like to get their hands on, this guy is a moron. 
    Solution: IT needs to lock down user accounts, and implement a local content filter that needs admin access to change. 

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