Noisecast Roundup 9-27-2011

I’m back. And by popular demand I actually mean, not a single f_ck was given that day. Don’t worry, I’ll just pretend you missed me. How could I leave you guys forever? I’ve been busy, yes. Homeless too. I’ve been there and back again and all I got for it was this stupid ring, and no one even notices it. in fact, I get the distinct impression that no one even notices ME when I’m wearing it. It’s precious though. So precious. Look, let’s get into this roundup, shall we? We have scams, hippies, apples, and even windows. Three cheers for Microsoft’s Kill Teams. Come along, Pond. 

  • New Scam Involves Office Printers With Email Capability.
    There’s a new scam going about utilizing printers with email capability. Basically, a dummy does something dumb and technology does what it does, and then OMG!!! DA HACKERZZ HAZ U!!!!!!1! I keed, I keed. The thing about social engineering is that you don’t have to be stupid to fall for it, you just have to be human. That’s what makes it so effective.
  • Windows OS Share Declines Again In August As OSX Gains.
    Of course actual computer users increased. Windows doesn’t seem to be so much losing marketshare as failing to capture the new entrants. Of course that’s probably just Microsoft fanboy nonsense. Truth is, with 450 million copies of Windows 7 sold in a year, despite the millions bootlegged, there’s more than enough space for Mac OS and Mobile OS cannibalization.
  • Microsoft Neutralizes Kelihos Botnet.
    The Botnet kill teams are made up of weaponized cyborgs with the most advanced technology and weapons. Obviously, everything they use runs on Windows, but fun fact, their neural networks run on Linux.
  • WP7 Mango Update Now Available (for some).
    Am I excited? Yes. Not because of Mango. I’ve been rocking it for a couple of months now. It’s the release of the Samsung Focus S, and also the new crop of Mango phones coming out soon. Welcome to the future.

Look guys, I know I’ve been gone, but you know I wouldn’t stay away for long. I love you. I’d do anything for you. I know you wouldn’t do the same but, well, I’d catch a grenade for you.

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