Microsoft is getting serious about Xbox TV

Microsoft talked about Xbox TV along with their Kinect integration with Bing a while ago at E3. Now, it seems, they are getting serious about it. Bloomberg reports that the software giant is in talks with major content providers such as Comcast and Verizon TV to secure rights to view TV content through your Xbox 360 console.

The premise will likely be similar to’s content on the Xbox: If you subscribe with one of the approved providers, you can access the content on your Xbox. Other content providers such as HBO, Bravo and SyFy will allow streaming of their shows through the Xbox. Also coming are (more) sports, movies and TV listings, on top of already-present apps for Hulu+ and Netflix.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? Maybe, someday in the future, you can drop that cable subscription for a total reliance on your internet connection for entertainment.  If Comcast came to me this month and said I could have a totally Kinect navigable TV experience without my cable box, I’d be all over that like plaid on Ron. However, as of right now, you need to be a TV subscriber to receive TV content on your Xbox.

Also of note is the idea that Microsoft is talking with TV manufacturers about getting an Xbox live app added to app-enabled TVs. If Google wanted to get into your living room with GoogleTV, they might have a problem getting past the Microsoft box that is already there.

Source: WP Central

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