Why Do Excel Spreadsheet Competitions Exist? Anyways, This Girl Won

Hope you’re not tired yet of teenage Rebeccas who are more famous than you, because we’ve got another one for you! Meet Rebecca Rickwood. She’s 15 years old. She’s enrolled at Sawtry Community College in Cambridgeshire (ok, come on, you guys made that up). And she’s the world champion in…um…Excel Spreadsheets?

Apparently, this a thing. A bonafide Real Thing. Excel Spreadsheet competitions. I’m not really sure what you do at an Excel Spreadsheet competition, and frankly I’m bored even thinking about it. However, this little girl is not bored. She’s excited. She’s better than everyone in the world at Excel. Which counts for something! Certainly guarantees her that employers will look at her resume.

She scored 100% on every test thrown at her regarding Excel, including acing the world championships. Which is also impressive. Not only is she better than everyone else, she’s also perfect at it.

That is, until she shells out the cash for the next version of Excel that includes the ribbon, and probably live tiles, and a 3D clippy that can’t be turned off. Progress!

Source: BBC

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