Ticketmaster shows you where your friends are sitting, you know so you can stalk them

You can now totally stalk that girl you had freshman bio with

If you’ve been shopping for concert tickets recently, you may have noticed something new. On Tuesday, Ticketmaster updated their interactive seating maps to allow Facebook users to tag themselves to their purchased seats. So if you’ve been contemplating going to that Katy Perry concert but weren’t sure if your friends were going, now you know.

Ticketmaster’s executive VP of E-Commerce, Kip Levin explained that their research shows that people buy more concert tickets when they know that their friends are attending and they’re more likely to spend more money to sit near their friends. The excerpt below is from the article on Mashable:

The idea, says Ticketmaster executive vice president of ecommerce Kip Levin, is to return the ticket-buying experience to its pre-web social origins. “Online took away from the old experience of going down to the record store to purchase tickets,” he says. “This is a way to go back to that.”

It’s a little ironic that  a company that prides itself on taking away the hassle of waiting on line for concert tickets is backtracking and saying that people actually enjoy knowing which shows their friends are watching. According to Ticketmaster, the feature is now available on some 9,000 events. Check out how works below.

Ticketmaster and Facebook

Source: Mashable

6 thoughts on “Ticketmaster shows you where your friends are sitting, you know so you can stalk them”

  1. That just makes it even more awkward if you are going to a concert but dont want to invite that certain “friend”, yet not only do they show up, but they show up next to you thanks to this.

    1. I can see it now: 
      Friend1: “OH. (awkward pause) It’s nice to see you here.”
      Friend2: “Why didn’t you say you would be here? Thank god for Facebook.”
      Friend1: *rolls eyes* “Yeah.”

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