NYC Parking Meters to get with the times

Image via Flickr user nochuckingaround

One of the problems with driving in a major city is finding parking in that city. If you’re a New Yorker then you already know that parking is rarer than a unicorn and if you can find that elusive oasis in the concrete jungle, then chances are you’re gonna have to feed the meter. For me this means a trip to the bank to get a roll of quarters every so often.

Thankfully this may soon be a thing of the past as New York City will be installing 300 test meters that link to your cellphone so if you’re trip is taking a little longer than the 1-hour limit most meters have, you’ll be able to feed the meter without ever leaving where you are from your cellphone.

It’s a pretty straight forward process, you sign up online and link your account with your cell number. From there you can buy time by sending a text message or via dedicated app. There’s even talk that users may be able to buy back unused time! (But I won’t get my hopes up on that one.)

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Source: NY Post

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