Kodak is having a patent sale!

Probably cheaper than your cup of coffee

Obviously that’s sarcasm. I realize it doesn’t translate well in the text but trust me, this whole patent business is quite frankly beyond ridiculous. The latest company whoring out patents, Eastman Kodak Co., has tapped investment bank Lazard Ltd. to advise in the selling off of various patents.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Eastman Kodak has a possible 1,100 patents that are going up for sale and there’s speculation that a major tablet manufacturer has been very interested in Kodak’s offerings. At the closing bell, Kodak shares rose 26% to $2.69 a share, or less than you’re paying in ATM fees.

Kodak’s CEO, Antonio Perez, went on record as saying Kodak’s patent portfolio would be an attractive offering to prospective buyers. Recent reports suggest that Kodak’s patents may actually be worth more than the entire company. Truly sad.

Note: Source link is behind a paywall

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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