Noisecast Roundup: 07/29/2011

Welcome to another Noisecast Roundup. Let’s get on with it shall we?

  • HTC Sales Continue Steep Upward Trend.
    HTC is on a tear. They deserve this. They’ve picked up Nokia’s old mantle for sturdy gear (despite their phone selection on T-Mobile). They are still behind Samsung, but it’s only a matter of time.
  • Researchers say a vulnerability could allow hackers to free inmates from their cells.
    We also may have the plot for Die Hard 5.
  • Google builds patent hoard by buying IBM inventions.
    It really is a shame that the current tech-space functions on mutually assured destruction. It’s sad when the largest department in most tech companies is slowly changing from the engineers to the lawyers. This patent purchase from IBM is a coup for Google but they’re still way behind Apple and Microsoft in the game.
  • AT&T to begin throttling data usage.
    On the plus side, those in the lower usage range will get more stability, but this is ridiculous. Those of us plugged in will be limited. It’s like we’re being taxed on technological advancement. As the cloud becomes more prominent, we are boned by carriers.
  • Apple has more cash on hand than the US government.
    This is both good and bad. Good for Apple, bad for the US government. I’m curious to see what Apple will do with that money. Right now, they could buy Dell and still have more in their war chest than just about any other company (Dell is massive).
  • European study finds no link between cellphones and cancer.
    They’re European so it must be true. Seriously, California is kind of shrill about this stuff. Considering how much use we get from these, we would see clear signs by now. So no brain cancer, but watch out for your sperm count though.
  • Your ISP is screwing you. Duh.
    We all know this. ISPs suck. They show us how our data usage is spiking, but they don’t tell you how much their prices are falling. the services were already overpriced but now they’re acting like they’re averting disaster for us and nickel and diming us. Jerks.
  • Chamillionaire pleads with Android design lead to give him a decent device.
    Basically, iOS UI looks better. Step your game up Google. He agreed to give the Nexus S a try. Good luck King Koopa.

Alright, that’s a wrap. See y’all on Monday.

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