Logitech Cuts Revue Price Down To Size, Brings CEO Down With It

You guys remember Google TV? No? Well that’s probably because when they announced it, it came on devices that were priced into oblivion. Like the Logitech Revue which cost $300. As if that sting wasn’t enough, Apple launched the AppleTV shortly thereafter for $99. A somewhat less capable device (no DVR integration), but actually affordable. And it did all the things you really cared about. Netflix. Movie rentals. The Revue never had a shot. Now, Logitech has wrestled the Revue from the grasp of Anubis, lord of the dead, by reducing the price to $99.

This is in addition to the apparent promise that the Revue will be seeing a Honeycomb update sometime this summer. With a significantly lower pricepoint, and the promise of the Android Market, the Revue is beginning to look like a much better value. Which is to say, it’s beginning to look like it doesn’t obviously suck.

The announcement came during an earnings call where Logitech made another announcement. Apparently to pay for the price cut, Logitech is going to cut costs elsewhere. Like in their Having A CEO department. Logitech CEO ardent GoogleTV supporter Guerrino De Luca and will be stepping down. Presumably giving his own life for the sake of his beloved son product.

Either that or Logitech was getting tired of bleeding money for multiple quarters. I suppose that could be it.

Source: Engadget

3 thoughts on “Logitech Cuts Revue Price Down To Size, Brings CEO Down With It”

  1. I own one, I got it for free, otherwise I wouldn’t own one. $300 is an appalling price for the revue.

    That being said, at $99 the Revue is absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, worth it.

    1. I looked at the Logitech’s website. It looks like to get full functionality out of it, you have to connect it via HDMI cable to a cable box or satellite receiver. Is this correct? Any idea how it functions if you don’t connect it so?

      1. Yeah that’s correct. It works on conjunction with a cable box. Some of the features are the ability to search the channel guide by typing out shows you’re looking to watch or record. In addition to that it also has a full web browser and some apps right out of the box, like Netflix. So id imagine it’ll work without a cable box, but it’s a better experience if you have one.

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