Happy Independence Weekend!!

As we all know, Independence day is that wonderful memorial of the day Jeff Goldblum, armed with nothing more than a Macbook, hacked and infected an alien armada with a virus he created. To be sure it was a gambit, but luckily, the Aliens ran their mother ship on Mac OS. Ever since then, we have celebrated that day by punching illegal aliens in the face and yelling “Welcome to Earth” while threatening to line up the bodies of their loved ones just like we laid them out. Here in America, we also call it Jeff Goldblum appreciation day.

Granted, we in America spend all year making fun of the Red Coats and 380 out of every 365 days making fun of America’s hat (Canada), but we do mean it in great fun. Canada is celebrating Canada day, the USA is launching into Independence weekend to celebrate the founding of ‘Murrica, and the UK is still trying to remember what sunlight looks like. The Noisecast wants to wish everyone a great everything and all that good stuff and we hope you have a great weekend. And before I forget, there most likely won’t be a podcast this weekend, unless there’s some sort of drunk clusterfrak that formlessly coalesces into an oozing globular mass of ear assaults. No plans to do anything like that…

Seriously, have a great weekend, stay safe and watch your back, because the British are coming.

A wise man once said, “I’m all for America, but fuck Jeff Goldblum maan.” – Eminem Franco

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