Amy Winehouse Death Video: Latest Facebook Scam

If you see a video claiming to be footage before her death, it’s a trap!

Well it didn’t take long for Facebook scammers to cash in on Winehouse’s death. In fact the latest “OMG Click this shady link for some video” appeals the Internet’s thirst for celebrity, death, and self-destruction.

According to Digital Life’s Rosa Golijan, the scam went up a mere 4 hours after Winehouse was confirmed dead. Sadly, the morbidly titled link lures many users of the social media site and can become a nuisance for even the most careful among us. After all, I know all too well that it just takes one of your less technologically inclined Facebook friends to get your account hijacked.

So please, for the sake of maintaining my own sanity, tell your “not-computer-people” friends know that no, they’ll never see Amy’s last moments alive or Osama bin Laden’s body on Facebook. Nope. Not never.

Source: MSNBC-Digital Life

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