the NoiseStash:: Luggage Tags That Don’t Suck

Forget those boring old luggage tags that EVERYONE has. Give your bags a personal touch with these cassette tape luggage tags from etsy shop, PaperPolaroid. These can also be used as a cute gift tag, or you can message the seller and ask them not to hole punch them if you’d like to use them for something else, like a bookmark or note cards. Whatever dude, you need to think of something because these are way too awesome and super cool not to have.

From the item description:

These are professionally printed on 350 gsm weight paper/ 16.3 point thickness

They are matte laminate coated which makes them wipe-able, and water resistant (not water proof) I would suggest putting them in a plastic pouch if you travel very often and to places like Seattle :)

These “Freakin Awesome Luggage Tags” come in a set of 3 for $7.

Source: Etsy

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