ST-Ericsson Announces new THOR HSPA+ modem

Today’s mobile devices seem to be in an arms race to create more powerful, less battery hungry, always connected devices. Criteria that always seems to be at odds with people’s aesthetic desires of ever slimmer pieces of hardware. Eventually we reach a point where components can’t get any thinner without sacrificing output. ST-Ericsson’s latest offering to their THOR line of modems looks to be just what phone manufacturers are looking for.

With that said, today, ST-Ericsson announced a new member to the THOR family of thin modems – the THOR M5780. The M5780 is a smartphone optimized designed with HSPA+ networks in mind. The M5780 boasts a 35% profile reduction from the original M570 modem while draining less of that precious battery life.

The latest addition to the THOR line runs on software based on the other M57x modems which have already been approved by major carriers and can deliver up to 21Mbps down and 5.76Mbps upstream. Let’s see what these smartphone manufacturers can do with this.

Source: ST Ericsson Technology Blog

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