Noisecast Roundup: The Pending Storm Edition

Hey kids, time for your nightly Noisecast Roundup – where we read the news so you won’t have to. Or something like that. Supposedly we’re expecting a nasty thunder storm tonight, I can’t wait.

On to the good stuff.

The weekend usually means some of y’all are going to the movies this week. Here’s a dynamite Op-Ed piece on the New York Times about X-Men: First Class.

School may be out, but the Noiseclass is in session!

Anonymous members have been arrested in Spain. Anonymous have vowed retaliation.

France made it illegal to saying “Facebook” or “Twitter” in a newscast unless it’s a story about said social media; what happens when a news station runs an ad saying to follow them on twitter goes viral?

This is just, well, wow. Really, there’s classes to help you score. Like for real. Money quote:

Some may point out that 150,000 yen is more than enough to cover admission to a high priced soapland(erotic bathhouse), where nearly the same results can be obtained with a lot less effort.

Not your brand of crazy? No worries, the New York Times just put out Sarah Palin’s emails. You’ll be swimming in crazy, stupid, or just crazy-stupid in no time.

Since it’s the weekend, I gotta end it on a high note. So yes, we’d all like this. So let’s make it happen ‘Merica!

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