Commenter Roundup

This is the first of what will hopefully become more common on this site, like the Photoshop contest or the “behind the curtain” screen-grabs. We will be highlighting all the interesting reader comments, tweets, Facebook comments and statuses, live-stream comments, and reader emails.

We look for the profound, the funny, the gross, the poignant, or whatever filler I decide to put in because you guys are boring as F*#$. So we didn’t have much profundity this week in terms of posts, just a flip-flop on whether or not flame wars have any value. During the excellent article where Ron, who started all this in the first place, back tracked and decided that flame wars were in fact vital to the tech industry and geek culture in general, we got this succinct and, well, absolutely correct statement from reader Paul Valerio:

“Well, being that blog sites (such as this one) are where a lot of companies now turn for consumer feedback, this is an excellent place to have an electronic, technological knife fight.”

Read on for more.

On the same topic our own Kevlar (yes we comment on each other’s articles too) said:

“Regardless of your loyalty, the fact that people fight and bitch for what they want in phone A means that somewhere, a corporate developer hears it and implements it in phone B. So phone A then implements it so they’re not behind. This means that the consumer gets what they want in every ecosystem, and also means that the competition at the corporate level is cutthroat, and we, the bitchy consumer, get the best phones possible… (Hint: It’s a WP7)”

On a short little ditty by Eric Ravenscraft, showing the recent massive explosion on the sun, we got this response from reader Eric Johnston:

“Now just imagine if an explosion like that released some unknown form of gamma radiation that just shredded our atmosphere and incinerated any living organisms here. All the bickering of the past 10,000 years over land and ideals, all our knowledge and science, all just erased in an instant, by the solar equivalent of a belch.”

To which reader 3Djesus replied:

“I saw that movie, and in spite of what everyone says, I am a Nicolas Cage fan.”

Me too buddy. Me too.

So, if you remember, I can understand if you don’t, Apple just had a big press doo-hicky this past week, introducing something or other ;). So we decided to have a contest to see how many times he would use phrases like revolutionize, and magical. To be sure he didn’t disappoint us and he did use them, but… not as much as anyone guessed he would. So Michael “Vitto” Pitts, who ran the contest decided:

“As much as I wanted someone to win, I’m not going to alter the rules just so we have someone to give it to. I thought about counting “amazing” as well, but if we don’t have rules now then what’s the point of having contests? We may as well just start giving things away for commenting on articles.

We don’t just make things up as we go! We have integrity, dammit!”

He said as he spent the would-be prize winnings on McDonalds, happy that he didn’t have to give away any money… On an unrelated note, all commenters on this article win mucho de internets. (And there still won’t be a winner. *sigh*)

Our final comment is from a repeat on this list. Eric Johnston on the topic of Nintendo’s new Wii-U:

“I hear the Wii U’s bundled game will be WiiWaterSports, and the new controller will feature a golden shower attachment.”

Gross dude. Just gross.

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