Noisecast Roundup: Keynotes, Games, Hackers, Oh My

Love Apple and pray to Jobs? Big on gaming and can’t get enough of E3 coverage? Well this week is your week! For everyone else, this roundup is for you.

But first how’s about some vaguely related pop-R&B:

First things: Remember that time when Google said that China hacked some very high profile GMail accounts? China ain’t havin’ it.

While we’re talking about hackers, hacking, and questionable security practices; BoingBoing has a chart you should look at. Spoiler alert, sure Sony and Gawker fucked up by not protecting your information the best they could, but you’re not helping things either.

It’s not just internet hippies like myself that think internet access is a human right; now I’ve got the UN on my side.

After Lulz Security exposed an FBI database, it was inevitable that there would be reports of an arrest. Except then there’s this:

Bet you didn’t know that your great, great grandpappy was stuntin’ with GPS in their motor-coach (cuz that’s what they were called right?).

Speaking of ancient technology, Roman fishermen had on-board fish tanks; you thought Whale Wars started this? Nah B. (Hat tip to @NomentionofKev)

Last licks: the HTC Flyer got an update. No it’s not Gingerbread, or Honeycomb.

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