Noisecast Roundup: Benguin edition

Hey kiddos. I have been charged with taking the helm of the nightly roundups this week. Here’s some stuff that happened today (or over the weekend). Also a video that Marian suggested I use, so sure why not. It’s got Eliza Dushku, so how could I possibly say no?

Anyway, some actual news after this little button right here.

A song I wish everyone would stop talking about already goes behind a paywall. Comes back a few hours later. Unfortunate. But the fact that somebody thought people would pay $2.99 to rent that horrible video is kind of hilarious.

Apple sued yet again. This time, over the iCloud name. Nobody is surprised.

A California ISP is offering 1Gbps Internet access for $70. We were supposed to talk about this on the podcast, but we’re kind of useless sometimes. CEO Dane Jasper proves to be an awesome guy in general by personally taking part in online discussions about the company and tweets back at me after I ask him a question. It makes me dream of a world where ISPs aren’t evil sacks of living feces.

Nintendo 3DS finally sells 1 million units after 4 months on the market. To compare, the original DS sold that much in a month. But to be fair, that was during the holiday season and was a lot cheaper. The point, though, is that 3DS sales have been underwhelming thus far.

Apparently, less people have been using Facebook. Data shows that the number of users has dropped from “a gigantic shit-ton” to “a slightly smaller shit-ton.” It is unclear whether that is in metric or imperial.

One of our favorite artists, Sam Spratt, has been taking rage faces and doing some kind of artistic wizardry to them. Curse him and his ridiculous talent.

Some cruel person stole a 300 lb Tardis-inspired bus shelter. The Master has yet to be called for questioning.

Some time in the last few days, Facebook switched on email notification for people liking your posts/comments. You’d be best to turn that shit off. Unless you like having your inbox blown up, that is.

A technicality in a proposed anti-streaming law means you could potentially be prosecuted for lip-synching on Youtube. Lawmakers once again prove that they don’t understand the Internet.

Charge time is one of the major drawbacks to electric cars, but students at MIT hope to overcome that with a new form of liquid fuel. Here’s hoping this takes off.

On one last side note, Netflix changed the homepage layout and I don’t like it. That’s all for today. Sleep tight and I’ll see you lot tomorrow.

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