Episode 33: “Vitto get a new mic or stop breathing directly into the one you currently have”

Welcome back for another episode of the Noisecast. Today, we have a very short topic list that for some reason we failed to fully cover. I’m not entirely sure why. You’ll have to listen to find out. Pfft! I know I won’t be listening to it. It’s bad enough I have to create this, now I have to listen too? Get outta here!

The team seems to be adjusting well to the new format, having fewer people on each episode makes things flow a little better. This episode had Steven, Gonzo, Ben, and some mouth-breather. :P The topic list is after the jump as usual and you can give the episode a listen right here:

The WTF! News was a little weak but I just had to touch on the idiot woman who had a stranger look after her kids and then they went missing. Look, not everyone on the planet is evil. in fact, pure good and pure evil people are such a minority that finding one pure bad guy is kind of like winning the lottery of suckage. That said, the same moronic inability to do math that forces you to buy lottery tickets repeatedly should also work in your favor to protect you from the bad guys. Assume everyone is a potential child-stealing, murderer rapist until proven otherwise (at least where having strangers watch your kids is concerned). “I don’t think she’s a bad mother,” the police said. Oh I agree. She’s a stupid mother. There’s a difference.

Episode 33 Topic List
Date: June 12, 2011. Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Ben, Vitto

  1. Apple WWDC 2011 Super Wrap-Up http://t.co/nZt3BXE
  2. E3 2011 round-up – http://t.co/SjTtDCt
  3. Tennessee law bans ‘distressing images,’ opens your Facebook inbox http://t.co/wZTYBxJ
  4. 1Gbps fiber for $70 in America? Yup. http://t.co/ar6aPS8
  5. Detroit DIYer cooks up stronger, lighter steel, shames scientists — Engadget http://engt.co/lCmhUL
  6. If you’re going to use Facebook to blackmail your husband, make sure he isn’t smarter than you. http://bit.ly/liP3no
  7. http://bit.ly/mckMy9 BF3 getting fucked

WTF News

  1. Criminal gets plastic surgery to look like a woman  http://t.co/FnsQyHM
  2. Woman makes a deal with a total stranger to watch her kids…and now they’re missing: http://t.co/1GxqI0A
  3. Man with dead weasel accused of assault http://t.co/2KhnIGK
  4. Indiana Teen Could Face 8 Years Behind Bars For Blow-Up Doll Senior Prank: http://aol.it/kmzKgd
  5. Passenger strips naked on flight: http://n24.cm/lEndz4
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