Noisecast Roundup – A little help from my friends

I’d like to take thank some of my friends on Twitter for helping put together tonight’s roundup. So here’s a little tune for you guys (Roundup after the jump):

If you’re gonna troll, go big or go home: Thanks @arikia

Get your tinfoil hats people, the New World Order is controlling BBC. Why else would they think secret societies are just bullshit. Hat tip to @snoop_dizzle

Hooning at age 5. Makes me want to have kids some day. Via @chancelloriate

As humans we all tend to go off the deep end at some point, it’s our passions that drive us. Thankfully we have Ron around to keep us all in check. By the way iOS if fucking magical, just accept it.

Otomedius Excellent gets some love and fan video at E3; awfully nice of Konami to hook up their fans like that.

Somebody you know is sending money to Sarah PAC and this Gmail plug-in will out that idiot friend.

Samsung – “If you can’t beat em, bribe them with new phones.”  I totally approve.

We need this. No really let’s make this happen America. (As seen on Engadget)

3 thoughts on “Noisecast Roundup – A little help from my friends”

  1. Holy crap, they cheesed off so many people in that trolling video.

    But i’d love to try doing the disco elevator.

  2. Link to the original trolling vid in the article:

    Screw you, Ebaum’s World.

    EDIT: Apologies, still edgy from the The Oatmeal/FunnyJunk feud.

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