Give a buck and feel better about that iPhone


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For most of us, minimizing our carbon footprint is at least a consideration if not a priority. We’ve justified buying eBook readers to minimize our hunger for dead trees, bought hybrid cars (someone somewhere has bought a Nissan Leaf), or started riding fixies to work. Some of the things we “can’t part with” however, leave a nasty mark on the Earth long after we’ve moved on to the next great thing.

One of my favorite Deal-of-the-Day sites,, is featuring The Nature Conservancy as today’s deal of the day. What makes this special is that your $1 US donation is enough to offset 100lbs of carbon in our atmosphere – that’s the carbon footprint of an iPhone. That’s all it takes to make a huge impact, a dollar. Unlike other charity sites, Philanthroper does not take any of your donation; so you give a dollar – Philanthroper takes none and gives the rest to the featured charity.

So I urge you all to click the link and give a buck.

Source: Philanthroper

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