Episode 34 show notes: “Oh, Poopy”

Howdy… ho.

So what deeply meaningful reason forces me to call this episode “Oh, Poopy?” Do we talk about poop? Do we talk while taking poops (the scientific term is shit)? Is poop one of the topics? No, as far as I know, since I didn’t listen to it (I live on the edge). It sounds poopy. But understand that I mean this in the most endearing way possible. Soemtimes there are bandwidth issues but we still ace this. We still have a blast. So put aside the sound quality, and dig in to our usual discussions where somehow, confounding as it is, we convince you that you’ve learned anything at all.

Episode 34 Topic List
Date: 6/19/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Kevlar, Vitto, Gonzo

  1. words words
  2. Google makes, “Me on the Web” Tool to help you keep track of your online ‘reputation’ http://bit.ly/kYKLAp
  3. NY Post blocks iPad access in effort to boost subscriptions, do you think other media outlets will try this, is it a good idea? http://bit.ly/mpctLZ
  4. Sega Hacked, notifies users, LulzSec offers retribution. http://bit.ly/mQLAH0
    1. http://lulzsecexposed.blogspot.com/
  5. EA gets Origin store moving. Steam pulls EA games http://bit.ly/kcUqCz
  6. Could the end of RIM be soon? http://cnet.co/iUuXgX
  7. Real Racing 2 HD wireless, dual-screen gaming with iOS 5 on iPad 2 hands-on (video) http://t.co/QARA5sn — Wii U a year before the Wii U?
  8. Amazon ends its affiliation with websites in Connecticut and Arkansas rather than collect sales tax http://ainn.ly/lkirxd

WTF! News

  1. Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/jqG8Su — Your move, Florida
  2. 609.34, 2010 Minnesota Statutes: http://bit.ly/iMyr7f
  3. Patient downed hand sanitiser http://bit.ly/mmmm75 <–link seems a little mean LOL!
  4. Man caught urinating in Mount Tabor reservoir prompts Portland to shift water supply http://t.co/kLPSu4m Bear Grylls doesn’t understand why
  5. Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning – http://t.co/HKQBACT


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