Turns out Motorola Mobility is staying in Illinois for another decade

Yes, it is official. Sanjay Jha is keeping Motorola Mobility headquarters in Libertyville, IL instead of moving it to sunny California, contrary to previous reports. I’m pretty sure this is because Sanjay Jha was so deeply committed to maintaining employment security for his 3,000 local employees, and because his company was offered $100 million in tax credits from the state of Illinois. As part of the deal, Moto will be dedicating more than $500 million in research and development over the next three years, not only ensuring that everyone gets to keep their job, but that new jobs will also be created in the Land of Lincoln. Jha and Illinois governor Rod Blagojevic II Pat Quinn took the auditorium stage at the Libertyville complex to announce the deal in front of a large audience of Motorola employees. Illinois will be cutting Motorola Mobility a little over $10 million each year for the next ten years.

“It’s important to work in partnership with companies like Motorola,” Quinn said. “Illinois is Motorola country, as far as I’m concerned.”

In other areas of Illinois, thousands of ex-Amazon affiliates are puling out whatever hairs they have left on their heads. Quinn didn’t answer any questions from reporters regarding this issue and whether or not other large companies, like Kraft or Boeing, should expect similar tax breaks if they threaten to leave the state.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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