Noisecast Roundup 5-5-2011: Not So LastPass

Well, LastPass got hacked. in hindsight, one password to rule them all makes you an easier target. Hindsight is 20/20, but also exceedingly funny. We have a rundown of non-cloud based alternatives. Samsung unveils the Infuse “4G” with AT&T, Foxconn takes suicide personally, Apple may or may not say something which is the most important thing ever, Jeff Bezos likes nuclear, and Barnes & Noble are… ooh look at Amazon over there… pretty.

  • Samsung and AT&T introduce the Infuse 4G.
    *yawn* Are we really going to let them get away with using the term “4G”? This is horseshit and you know it. But the phone is thinner than an Italian supermodel but it is HUGE at 4.5 inches AMOLED. That’s practically a doorway.
  • Rumor: Major iOS Mac OS announcement coming in WWDC.
    At this point, let’s be honest. Steve Jobs could show up and say, “look guys! Look at the size of this booger I just picked!” and he’ll get a standing ovation. No longer resisting. Just go with the current. I’ll still drown but at least I won’t be tired when I do.
  • Barnes & Noble SEC filing may reveal a new Nook-like E-reader from the Amazon competitor.
    This looks interesting. The Nook was a complete success. It would be brilliant if they decided to both continue the momentum and cut Amazon off at the knees to release a full Tablet. This doesn’t look like that, it’s just interesting. Truth is, it just makes me more excited for Amazon. Indications seem to be that we will have an announcement on may 24th. Cool beans.

Well, that’s it. I’ll hit you up tomorrow. I’ll be honest, I have no special video today. I’m feeling kinda chill so I’ll leave this video. I love its sound, its feel, its energy. I just want to lay back, light up and zone out. (I don’t actually smoke):

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