Noisecast Roundup 5-4-2011: 3Dees nuts.

Welcome back. The title is a bit of a red herring. There is no 3D tv news, I’m referring to Intel’s new 3D chip. fun stuff but not without its pitfalls. Intel’s taking a multi-billion dollar gamble that could blow up in its face. I’m currently more excited about what’s happening in the ARM space right now. I wouldn’t advise anyone to sleep on Intel though. They’ve been consistently one of, if not the most innovative company in the world since their inception. They’ve even outwitted the laws of physics a few times. They’re no Bell Labs (or IBM today) but they deserve your attention when they say they’ve innovated. Anyway, jump for the roundup.

  • Intel’s Finfet Transistors go 3D to get smaller and faster.
    Yes, I know this isn’t the same as 3D on you screen and dorky 3D glasses, but I hear 3D and I get all rage-y. Seriously though, as amazing as this development is from Intel (and you have to admit they come through spectacularly year after year), there are criticisms. This isn’t the only method available to potentially address the “too small to function” problem. Critics argue that it is the most powerful option but it sacrifices energy efficiency which is just as important if not more so since they intend to target this to the mobile space. A space they have practically zero market-share in. Interesting fact, Moore’s law was actually coined by Intel, specifically a brilliant engineer in Intel (called Moore, duh) and it’s fitting that they are on the constant forefront of keeping it relevant. (the law states, roughly, that speed will double and size will shrink every 12-18 months).
  • RIM to launch 10 inch Playbook this fall.
    Oh, bless their hearts. They’re play-pretending that they are a working/living company that is still a going concern to the commercial zeitgeist. I love an underdog. You go, boy! You can do it, Nicky!
  • Microsoft trying to lure iOS app devs with migration tools and candy.
    This article makes a great point. WP7 is brilliant but it’s a dead end. In many ways, this mobile revolution has been a software revolution not just a hardware one. We already see the signs of iOS creeping into that valley between mobile and desktop software. WP7 doesn’t seem to offer a meaningful path to this world. Even if it did, 2012 will be introducing Windows 8, which optimized for ARM chips, will be poised to bring unprecedented power to the mobile space. Windows 8 may end up eating WP7’s (WP7.5? WP8?) lunch as tablets and mobile devices become more relevant. Everything I have just said is utter nonsense. I made it up on the spot. It sounded clever didn’t it? Well, I’m probably right. That’s how crazy things are right now.
  • She’s learning quick. Apple has released a fix for the location tracking SNAFU.
    Well bully! Good job. Apple addressed a serious concern in a timely manner. Perhaps they’re finally starting to learn that Microsoft doesn’t need a legion of patches because it sucks, it needs them because with so many users, there are more victims for each little thing. This tracking bug was not directly troublesome but it bodes well for their response to serious security breaches later.
  • Facebook now serves one 3rd of all online ads in US.
    Holy motherf*cking shit! I think the kids would call this a win. Google: U mad, or u scurred?
  • CNET is being sued for copyright infringement because you can download limewire from them.
    *Sigh* Will someone shoot all the “brains” in the music and movie industry? Among others, the plaintiffs include Detron Bendross, of 2 Live Crew, Trisco Smith-Pearson of The Force MDs and Eric Jackson and De’Angelo Holmes, both of the Ying Yang Twins. Alki David, a digital media entrepreneur, is also a plaintiff. They all assert their copyrights were illegally distributed on LimeWire.

Props to Apple for reacting quickly on that tracking nonsense. Seriously, good for them. Here’s a little something. Mac vs PC. I think Mac won this battle.

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