Noisecast Roundup 5-3-2011: Bingberry

Noisecast roundup for today is a little bit slow. As it turns out, interesting news doesn’t take a one day on one day off schedule. It just sort of rolls up whenever it feels like. RIM is playing nice with Microsoft, Bill Gates is being smart, Apple is being pretty and high class, Nintendo don’t get it but will still be proven right, Sprint is getting shrill and the US is being a bitch. The roundup follows.

  • Microsoft, RIM strike search deal.
    Nothing really special here. Microsoft’s Bing will be handling the search for RIM’s devices.
  • Bill Gates touts Nuclear Power, Says it kills fewer than traditional coal.
    He’s technically right. The death per Kilowatt isn’t even close. Coal is downright guaranteed death by comparison. Nuclear is also much cleaner. There are, however, definite dangers. In Nuclear’s defense, there’s really been little innovation since the 50s. Opportunity is vast for improvements. The most promising avenues are in power generation from the waste material.
  • Apple just refreshed the iMac line with some goodies under the hood.
    First time I’ve seen an Apple refresh and been genuinely jealous. Thunderbolt I/O, Sandy Bridge, same old flush prettiness. Unfortunately I currently have no children to auction off into slavery, and am quickly running out organs, so… y’all rich kids have fun with that. I’ll be off in the corner being jelly as jam.
  • More details on Nintendo’s new console. Leaps into the HD present, chills in the Hard Drive past.
    *sigh* 2 steps forward, one step back. There is no reason for a next generation console to have less hard drive space than my cell phone. I’m not even talking about my next-gen WP7 device, I’m referring to my old Samsung Jack. Ugh. 8Gb? What is it, a watch? (my watch has 4Gb of storage in it). Anyway, we all know that like Apple, their shit will sell like it’s the end of the world. Is it too early to congratulate Nintendo on making billions?
  • Sprint’s eying a state strategy in its attempt to derail the AT&T-T-Mobile deal.
    Sprint is really desperate. I mean, honestly, consumers take a hit with this deal, but not as bad as in the past. AT&T would become the biggest but still only a little bigger than Verizon. In other words we’ll only be slightly more f*cked than we already are. The real loser here is Sprint. It’s like Sprint is Alabama and T-Mobile was Mississippi. Mississippi is about to be razed and turned into a resort. Now who’s the worst and most backwoods state in the Union? (I left you out of this, Arkansas. You’re welcome). *trollface*
  • According to Wikileaks, US is bankrolling New Zealand’s Piracy crackdown.
    Ugh. How in the hell are you going to be the same country that does bad ass shit like sending trained killers into a sovereign nation to holler at the bogeyman and then be the same nation that makes itself the bitch of the dying industry of the record labels? Seriously, grow some balls and tell those idiots to get off their ass and innovate like everyone else. I mean, even Agri-business has an excuse for not needing to innovate, push comes to shove, we have to eat. But the music industry? If I can’t afford your stupid CD with 13 tracks 7 or which are skits and intermissions, better believe I’ll make my own music in the shower. Ugh! UGH! *smiley-face*

Well that’s a wrap. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Since I’m exploring pursuing my PhD, or another Masters (the choice depends on what makes more sense for my plans). So I thought this song was fitting, even though it’s totally not like this (or I was never invited):

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