Facebook is Assembling a team of Ambassadors

Since Facebook has become such an all-present being in day-to-day operations of much of the world, they’ve decided to gather a team of diplomats to deal with interactions between the social media giant and world leaders.

Of course, the job isn’t all fancy parties in French Mansions, rubbing elbows with the foreign internet dignitaries. The “ambassadors” (official title is Director of Policy)  will be tasked with gaining a complete understanding of privacy laws in the area, and report back to Facebook.

According to this posting on the Facebook Careers page, the responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develop and execute strategic approach to achieve company goals in public policy
  • Monitor legislation and regulatory matters affecting Facebook and advise company with respect to policy challenges
  • Represent Facebook in meetings with government officials and elected members
  • Develop public policy positions with other team members at Facebook
  • Build coalitions with other organizations to advance policy goals of Facebook
  • Create innovative programmes for outreach to policy makers on the opportunities offered by Facebook
  • Communicate Facebook’s positions in public presentations and with media
  • Advise Facebook teams on public policy matters to guide development of products, services and policies

In other words, keep Mr Z out of big trouble in little Brussels.

Sources: All Facebook, Facebook Careers

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