Video Review: Some Free WP7 Games

Today we shall review a few free games for WP7. On the docket today are Bubble Birds and Breakout Kings. Check the video then head on through to read the write-up.

Bubble Birds:

Cost: $Free

XBox Live Gamerscore: No

Pros: Silly little game. Shoot birds to match them in sets of three or more with the intent to clear the level of all birds. Works well, runs quickly.

Cons: It’s a free game that works. No bad marks.

Get it? Yes. It’s a great time killer.

Breakout Kings:

Cost: $Free

XBox Live Gamerscore: No

Pros: Basic Gameplay. Trace your finger through the levels as fast as you can, collecting the necessary items to advance.

Cons: I never know if it will load or crash. It’s pretty boring.

Get it? No. I can’t imagine this is a fair companion to A&E’s TV show, but then, I don’t watch A&E. Still, no. Go get some fresh air.

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