Noisestash Roundup 4-6-2011

It’s that time again, April 6, 2011 is winding down and it’s time for another Noisestash roundup. So come sit on Uncle Agrippa’s lap and let’s talk about your tuition.

We tried an experiment for the first time. A video editorial by Steven Callas covering the Gawker redesign and our April Fools joke. You can watch the video at the end of the roundup.

Here’s a great idea (/s) get your house painted for free and have your mortgage paid up.

We’ve mentioned the weak sails of Motorola’s Atrix and Xoom. We think Motorola is pricing itself right back into Razr hell.

Blockbuster has been bought out by Dish Network for a pittance. What now?

Henry Cen sits down with the Noisecast to talk about the future of Arcades.

Hulu makes a fortune over Youtube but Youtube gets more viewers in a day than Hulu does in a week. I’m positive about the idea of a redesign as long as the little guys don’t get forgotten.

Oh joy! I was just thinking, “Gee I sure wish my video games would shovel ads down my throat.” Looks like the makers of Battlefield 3 were looking out for me.

Think your car is secure with these new fangled encryption systems that don’t allow it to be started without the key? Think again.

We just discovered a new particle thanks to the Tevatron, unfortunately it’s not the Higgs-Boson.

Microsoft and Toyota are teaming up to make the dashboard in your ride more than just an interface from the 90s.

io9 gives us a rundown of some of the most cringe-worthy racial stereotypes in Science Fiction/Fantasy.

What do we have here? A new WebOS phone from HP that isn’t a stupid looking as the pre?

This is a disturbing personality test. Disturbing…

In two years, Streaming tv will be an $800 million business for Netflix and Hulu, according to sorcerer. I’m inclined to agree, perhaps that might be conservative.

For the Linux folk out there. GNOME 3 whatup.

Video Editorial: On Redesign, Community Exodus, and Nick Denton

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