Judge to Evony hacker: Come pay, my Lord

No doubt you remember a few years back when the internet was riddled with banner ads of something called Evony (formerly Civony) where sexy babes enticed you with the words “Come play, my Lord.” Of course, the ads had absolutely nothing to do with the Evony game, a browser based online game set in medieval civilization. It turns out that those ads did work and people actually do play the game. One person, 23 year old Phillip James Holland of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, took a step further and created and sold bots that auto-played the game for you and a gigantic game map to give people an advantage over other non-cheating players. Evony was not too pleased with Holland so it took him to court for $825,000, caliming that Holland was infringing on Evony’s copyright and intellectual properties.

Holland showed up late for his hearing, in sweatpants, with no lawyer, and didn’t file a response to the claims against him. As a result, U.S. District Judge Terrence F. McVerry ruled on Thursday that Holland was indeed guilty of the claims against him since he didn’t produce any response to them but cut the amount Holland must pay down to $300,000. Furthermore, Holland must pay all the legal fees Evony racked up with the lawsuit. Holland can file an appeal, and if he does, let’s hope his lawyer isn’t wearing a Red Sox cap and a hoodie and replies with “your honor, this is like totally bullshit, bro.”

Source: Kotaku

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