Tiger Kills Lion Like a Boss.

A Bengal tiger killed a lion at Ankara Zoo after finding a gap in the fence separating their cages according to zoo officials in the Turkish capital. The tiger severed the lion’s jugular vein in a single stroke with its paw, leaving the animal dying in a pool of blood, officials said. Witness report after the jump.

Witnesses report the incident went something like this (paraphrased):

Tiger: Yo, Simba! Simba! Lemme holla at you for a minute. Where my money fool?

Lion: Don’t come in hurr, in front of my homies, talking about money, unless you gon’ dance. Step to me son! You don’t start nuthin, there won’t be nuthin.

Tiger: Oh hell naw you didn’t, you little disney b*tch!

Lion: Oh hell yeah I did, I got that Thundercat swag, ho. Bitch, I look like Goku.

At this point point the tiger was reported to have swiped its paw at the lion’s neck, severing the jugular with one stroke leaving Simba twitching in the dirt. The tiger reportedly yelled out “I got Sheen blood, son! Sheen blood! WINNING!” before turning to the surviving two lions and saying, “you’re my bitches now, my goddesses. And I love you.”

Six tigers and two lions remain at the zoo.

Source: BBC News

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