Star Wars 3D will cost more to make than original film

At CinemaCon on Wednesday, George Lucas, James Cameron, and Jeffrey Katzenberg took the stage and shared their vision of a 3D future in film making. For those of us with terrible experiences with 3D movies, the three movie greats assured the audience that there was a clear difference between good 3D and bad 3D, especially when it comes to conversions. “Bad 3-D devalues this opportunity for all of us,” said Katzenberg. Over the next few years 3D conversion and production equipment will get cheaper, smaller, and more efficient. Unfortunately for Lucas, this won’t make much difference for his upcoming 3D conversion of Star Wars. Lucas has been working on the 3D conversion for eight years now so it is no surprise that he proclaimed that the costs of the conversion have far surpassed the total cost to make the original film. With the rocky start 3D has had so far, let’s just hope that those costs can be recouped from loyal Star Wars geeks around the world.

Source: WSJ Speakeasy

2 thoughts on “Star Wars 3D will cost more to make than original film”

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  2. 8 years? Is he tinkering with the film in his garage on the weekends?

    The magic of 3D, for me, stops when it hits the edge of he screen. If my peripheral vision isn’t added in seamlessly, the experience never will obtain it’s full potential of an immersive experience.

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