Noisestash Roundup, Rap Life edition

*No paychecks were earned in the making of this roundup*

Geek is the new money, and my bank account is OVER9000. TGITW. I’m gonna do something wild like totally pwn some n00b on Live. Noisestash roundup after the jump.

As if you haven’t seen this stinking offal already. Go away Jennifer Aniston. No one likes you. Angelina Jolie is better than you.

Ars graces us with a well written look back at the history of the future of cars

Samsung App store has surpassed 100 million downloads. I still suspect they use Chinese download farms, when WoW gold farms are off season.

I KNEW IT! The Zerg were inspired by actual Starcraft developers.

Apparently Linux is becoming a holding cell for artists? Apple too mainstream for-ya? These are gorgeous wallpapers that obviously work on any system.

Ars seems to be under the impression that the Amazon App Store does many things better than the Android App Store. Why did I say that as if I was incredulous? *shrugs*

Get it? It’s funny because it looks like a penis

I’m such a kid.

Really guys? So the anti-P2P lawyers have scored a victory in court and they can now proceed with mass subpoenas (hehe, I said pee).

Sony thinks you’re a violent, hateful, insular, mysogynistic man-child who lives in your parent’s basement and thinks Kristen Schaal is hot (really, that last part is insulting).

Nike wants twitter to design the new USA Men’s Soccer kit. The question is, will the team be willing to play in red, white, and blue cock-shaped shoes with jerseys in rainbow colored penises? What? No… that’s not what I submitted…

Death everywhere, but Mad World in 8-bit makes me feel okay about it. (Hahaha, that sucker karate dude took a knife to the face! Idiot. And what’s with the guy getting nipple rubbed by a snake and coughing up blood… in ecstasy? This is weird and strangely arousing.)

Search is Google’s castle, everything else is the moat, Eric Schmidt is the crocodile who’s going to eat your kids.

Next time a dumb vegan tells you we aren’t meat eaters because we don’t have canines, rather than remind them that canines are used for baring/weapons/kill-strokes/defense, and not for chewing meat, just show them pictures of Chimpanzees and this (I apologize to all my vegan friends, but a life without bacon is no life i want a part of)

Who IS responsible for rendering an asshole torn apart by a power drill in a videogame?

Magical Magic Man talks sorcery nonsense about shit he doesn’t know shit about but will pretend he can see the future anyway

Excited to see this. There’s a new science blog out there which aims to counter scientific misinformation and answer questions. It’s called “Now for the science bit.”

This clock is powered by dead flies… morbid motherfuckers.

I’m not gonna lie, Bollywood’s Ironman (Ra 1) is way cooler than Hollywood’s… and his hair is better too

It just got real, guys. Judge has ordered Time Warner to out illegal downloaders. good thing I’m on the loyal and inpenetrable Comcast… crap…

something went on sale.

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