Episode 21 of the podcast – Apple Distortion Field

So it’s been another week, another podcast episode. We’re having fun broadcasting it live and people seem to be responding well, so we will be continuing. In general, don’t forget to catch us live on our ‘listen’ page every Sunday at 8EST (a little early if you want to catch the pre-show shenanigans). We had a number of fun topics including the Apple distortion field from the iPad unveiling. tsk tsk. As always, check out the topic list and the links after the jump and you can give the episode a listen here. Yes, Agrippa has seen a donkey show. He also hasn’t eaten since and possibly never will again.

Date: 3/6/2011 Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven Callas, Vitto, Gonzo, Kevlar, Kaiser
Topic List:

  1. Talk about stuff.
  2. More stuff.
  3. Try to fit in some stuff about that one thing that happened.
  4. Elaborate on the things that happened. Possibly offer vague opinions of things too.
  5. Drink a beer.  DONE X2- Kevlar
  6. NES Breathalyser http://bit.ly/hpcUT2
  7. Charlie Sheen has figured out Twitter. Now he needs to figure out his career. http://bit.ly/f7sh55
  8. Judge lets Sony unmask visitors to PS3-Jailbreaking site http://bit.ly/dFSn1t – What the fux?
  9. Major privacy and security concerns raised about PSN – http://bit.ly/f8pdlu
  10. “Droid Dream” Malware Latest Sign Android Attacks Are on the Rise http://t.co/UG3RF9v
    1. Just a reminder: Google Owns your Andriod phone http://bit.ly/f9nWZ2
  11. Android Developers in higher demand that iOS developers http://buswk.co/fcD3Lu
  12. 14 year old inspired by Larry Flynt? http://t.co/dzLc2KQ
  13. Agrippa has seen donkey shows
  14. IE 8 is truly being tested http://bit.ly/hFVcYZ – MS will not patch before Pwn2Own
  15. Hong Kong has 1,000Mbps broadband for $26 a month: http://nyti.ms/ghEtuW
  16. The effect of ebooks on libraries: http://t.co/P511SVa
  17. MPAA: Despite Piracy, 2010 Was Record Year For The Movie Business http://bit.ly/gipAtZ
  18. NASA’s Glory satellite failed http://lat.ms/eTAfhC
  19. Alien bacteria claimed to be found in metorite fragments…again – http://bit.ly/hrFIIf
  20. Angry Birds coming to Facebook – http://bit.ly/eOwCpn
  21. Study: Facebook Raises Your Self-Esteem – http://bit.ly/hChpnU
  22. In WTF News, Mazda recalls 2009 and 2010 Mazda6s because there could be spider webs being spun inside them. http://usat.ly/eZ3eXr
  23. Mr. Potato Head Gets Off the Couch. Meet Hasbro’s Slimmer Spud http://t.co/lfirdgj
  24. Costco To Sell Wedding Dresses http://t.co/vq3EU2i
  25. Passenger steals $238,000 from airplane cargo hold via toilet: http://bit.ly/gNPEwN
  26. Nat Geo decides to make a model of the House from Up http://bit.ly/e0FZ5W
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