Circumcised? This guy can “restore” your foreskin

Ever wish you were consulted as a baby regarding the doctor or rabbi snip-snipping a piece off of your manhood? Ever wanted your body to be “natural” once again? Do you have a history of praying to a higher power that you will wake up in the morning with a brand new turtleneck down there? Well you, sir, are in luck! Ron Low (pronounced Lau) of Northbrook, IL (where I grew up) believes that with a bit of care (and his products) the skin of the penis shaft can be stretched over the head in an approximation of actual foreskin. Low and his wife quit their jobs as industrial engineer and accountant respectively to start up TLC Tugger out of their Northbrook residence. Over the last three years he has helped about ten men per day in over 50 countries and has made enough money to comfortably support his family of four.

Think this is crazy? The Learning Channel (not affiliated with TLC Tugger) is featuring Low on their series premier of Strange Sex on Sunday April 3 at 10pm EST/9pm CST and he will share the 30 minute segment with a woman that has two vaginae. The foreskin is known to have a very high concentration of pleasure-receptive nerve endings and although Ron’s methods don’t replace that foreskin and nerve endings, “it allows the skin to move more during sex, which makes it feels like it does.” Low has a patent pending on some of his products, including the YOUR-SKIN Restoration Cone. From the TLC Tugger Geocities-esque and NSFW website:

The trick to making your glans as pleasure-receptive as possible is keeping it covered with your own skin.  This way you avoid the drying and abrasive effects of clothing, bedding, or the air.

Even if you’re circumcised, you can probably pull enough of your remaining skin forward to cover your glans.

The TLC Tugger and its similar products are quite flexible in use, allowing you to strap the cord attached to the penis-cone around your leg or shoulder. If you don’t prefer the strap, you can add weights instead. You wear it for four hours at a time and it costs a total of $60 to purchase.

“Tugger guys are toilet stall guys, not urinal guys,” he added. “You need to harangue this elaborate equipment in your pants. The device is guaranteed to work for a year. Most do not need another device — they can tug for four years and then be done.”

Slightly NSFW video below:

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, Strange Sex

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