Trailer for upcoming zombie game: Dead Island

By now everyone’s seen the trailer for the upcoming zombie game, Dead Island from publisher Deep Silver. Stunningly made, beautifully executed, more than a few people reduced to tears. I have to admit, the execution was superb but I also need to rain on the parade a little bit. It’s not a game trailer in the sense of showing any actual gameplay. This “trailer” is purely the theatrics and there is no evidence that the game will actually look like this. Furthermore, there is no indication that the cinematic trailer has any relation to the actual story of the game other than indicating a vacation spot, presumably on an island. That said, this was a truly gorgeous and amazing trailer and I look forward to taking the game for a spin. Trailer after the jump.

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  1. The Game itself looks good, but I doubt the actual Gameplay is going to look like that since it is being released on Consoles.

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