Podcast: Episode 18 – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The latest episode is up and at them here: listen.This one’s a doozie, a massive topic list for episode 18 of the podcast, but as usual, it doesn’t mean we covered all of it. These are topics that struck our fancy, whether or not they made an appearance on the website. This episode involved Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Vitto #9, Snoop, Caroline, Bazookafox, heavy breathing, and cock within a minute of the episode starting. If at this point we haven’t insulted, made fun of, disgusted you and your demographic yet, we sincerely apologize, we’ll step our game up and become even more insulting in the future.

In all honesty though, as usua the cast had fun with this episode and anything we say that might be controversial is said for humor and/or shock value, because we’re whores for your attention. Your dirty dirty podcast whores. Love us!

Ep. 18 Topic List

Roster: Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Vitto, Bazooka, Snoop, Caroline

Date/Time: Sunday 13th, 8EST

  1. Anyone have plans for Valentines day?
  2. This may just be a concept, but compared to other pie in the sky ideas, this is doable and pretty brilliant. A way to repurpose bridges, or do more with them: http://engt.co/gmJMDu
  3. Old news at this point but still huge in terms of internet media: http://bit.ly/dTlSrX
  4. NASDAQ confirms it got hacked repeatedly. I swear, that’s why my portfolio tanked: http://on.wsj.com/fy51DU
    1. FBI investigating: http://bit.ly/erS4WO
  5. *yawn* Nokia E7 starts shipping: http://engt.co/hfCKWu
  6. Remember these? All-in-one PCs?: http://engt.co/gZWXcp Really really fat tablets. Yeah I went there.
    1. Holy bleeding shit, I was kidding about all-in-ones being fat iPads, but HP wasn’t. They are building them to discourage iPad/tablet adoption in businesses: http://bit.ly/eglOML
  7. There’s no punchline to this joke… Xoom selling for $800 and their tv spot isn’t that hot: http://bit.ly/hd3CcD
  8. http://bit.ly/gBxeG4 Chrysler commercial declared best. Agree/ Disagree? Agrippa agrees and now wants to move to Detroit. Callas disagrees, commercial is another sign if stupidity among American automakers (Ford excluded). Ron like the Audi commercial. Agrippa thought it was raining, but it’s actually piss. Crap, and he was having a parade. I wonder where the piss on his parade came from?
  9. Is the geek strong enough in anyone here to understand and be excited for this? No? Well I’ll leave this here just in case: http://engt.co/dHGgK2
  10. X-47B completes successful test flight. Skynet rejoices as do the insipid puny flesh-things, celebrating their own doom: http://engt.co/eEjGS4
  11. Sprint unveils the Kyocera Echo and begs the Oxford Dictionary to redefine the word fail: http://engt.co/fYyFvB
  12. Microsoft is reshuffling management to emphasize engineering background and not MBAs. It’s about time they took their considerable IQ seriously: http://bit.ly/eP8t6k
  13. Age of the geek, baby. Hulu is watched twice as much as the 5 major TV networks all combined: http://tcrn.ch/htYBsw Caveat: we’re referring to the network websites and not the channels themselves. That tower is yet to be stormed.
  14. According to Comscore, facebook is the reason for productivity drops (and not Gawker as some like to believe): http://tcrn.ch/i0tv0J
  15. iJesus: Catholic Church okays new confession app for iPhone… really?  Really? Now they’re just phoning it in (*ba dum tish) http://nydn.us/fNz7b9
    1. I take it back, according to The Magisterium, it only counts if you confess your deepest darkest naughty secrets to a real person (who is incidentally/presumably sexually repressed) http://gizmo.do/gmfR0E
  16. In one fell swoop we get to talk about cocks and wtf news. A cockfighting rooster kills a California man: http://bit.ly/fbnvCI
  17. Sony lawyers now targeting anyone who posts PlayStation 3 hacks. Agrippa responds by going ethnic “I wish a n*gga would”, while he posts a PlayStation3 hack to the blog: http://bit.ly/i1eFik
  18. LG wants sony sales of PS3 to stop in the US over Bluray patent infringements: http://bit.ly/gcHE4g
  19. Airforce spent $450,000 on Superbowl flyover on a damn covered arena, so no one saw it. You have failed me again Arlington. And for crying out loud, it was in Arlington, not Dallas. Learn to read a fucking map. Dallas can claim all the credit it wants, but that damn stadium was in Arlington: http://wapo.st/eGlWOD Gonzo’s Factoid: The Dallas Cowboys haven’t actually had a stadium in Dallas since 1971. When the left the Cotton Bowl, and moved to Texas Stadium in Irving. This is true. Stupid Dallas, taking everyone’s credit. I was chastising Dallas for being asshats and calling everything theirs. Also, fuck the Mavericks
  20. New Nokia CEO, Elop lays the smackdown in a long memo and tells the staff to get buff. Apple says “LOL. Noobs.”: http://engt.co/hC47Lj
  21. Robot purchases a scone in a coffee shop. Presumably, it exterminated all humans in the shop after. Is this “robot overlord” meme dead yet? Because I can keep this going all day: http://engt.co/i4LjNQ
  22. Dell kills the Adamo. She was the most beautiful thing Dell offered but underpowered and too expensive. This isn’t news, but Agrippa mourns none-the-less: http://engt.co/icX58D
  23. In another thrilling episode of “OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS BURNING” or Let’s kick it while it’s down, rumor from Engadget is that Nokia is killing the N9-00, its first MeeGo handset. Wow, talk about MeeGo being aborted at birth (inappropriate abortion joke?) This will have been confirmed or debunked by the time we record: http://engt.co/e2eZDs
  24. Ex-mayor’s name too funny for Indiana center – http://t.co/eFviZH4
  25. HP’s 9.7-inch TouchPad: webOS 3.0 tablet with 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon, Beats audio, Touchstone support http://t.co/B3Tk1NM
  26. Nokia and Microsoft partnership. Some people are already poo-pooing, but I think this was both brilliant and necessary for both companies. Nokia gains access to good software that is enough out of the mainstream that they can market in their own way to what is in essence the largest customer base in the mobile world, and Microsoft gets its hands on a measure of exclusivity with what is, despite what anyone says, still one of the best hardware manufacturers on the planet: http://bit.ly/f9574W
    1. Nokia hints we’ll see first Windows Phone 7 device this year http://t.co/Pn99FPQ
  27. Record for Longest Noisecast topic list? Didn’t want you feeling like you run it alone. You’re welcome. – Agrippa Gonzo is impressed.
  28. Playing violent video games turns us in to rapists, one scientist says. http://bit.ly/dRpPDA
  29. The Noisecast: MWC 2011: Sony Ericsson Roundup http://t.co/AZzqJnA – Noisecast is moving on up. Now we’re citing ourselves. Win.
  30. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: First Look – PCWorld http://t.co/vkvNZPV
  31. Samsung Galaxy S II official: dual-core 1GHz CPU, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus, coming this month (hands-on with video) http://t.co/bdgdP7E
  32. THERE’S TOO MUCH STUFF IN THIS LIST TO COVER IN ONE HOUR BUNCH OF SHIT HAPPENED! EXTENDED EPISODE?!? Or maybe, just maybe… We should have more episodes. Vitto approves this message.
  33. Attempt to Break Yo-Yo Record at Jacksonville Fails (Video in the sidebar) http://t.co/JjYKK4Z
  34. Lithuanian blonde island plan raises eyebrows: http://bbc.in/bjkHHO I’m taking bets as to how long before the whole thing explodes and falls into the ocean. -Vitto
  35. Gonorrhea acquires a piece of human DNA http://t.co/ialWTwp


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