MWC 2011: Facebook SIM card to provide free Facebook for all

Gemalto, the digital security company who is/was supposedly working with Apple on a Universal SIM card announced today in Barcelona an application for SIM cards that will allow free access to Facebook for anyone on a GSM network. The goal of this application is to allow people who don’t have a data plan to have unlimited access to Facebook’s core features such as status updates, friend requests, wall posts, and messages. The application will work via SMS messages and will be universally compatible with all GSM phones across the globe. Notifications will also pop up on your screen so you don’t miss an update and the application will also integrate with your phone book to link your contacts with your Facebook friends, letting you send updates to those contacts straight from your phone book. No downloads are necessary as this application will be pre-embedded in future SIM cards if Gemalto has its way, however a subscription to this service will be required after a trial period. Discouraging as that may sound, the fee will probably be miniscule compared to even the cheapest of data plan subscription options. Facebook has also been experimenting with a free mobile version of its site for quite some time now with, available for select carriers in certain countries around the world.

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