Microsoft Kinect SDK? Yes Please!

Since the release of the Kinect (actually since the previews) we’ve been hit by a barrage of Kinect hacks that, more than flash, show the technical possibilities of the device. Microsoft finally decided not to be blind to serendipity and play nice with these hackers. Well, they’re finally almost ready to send them the big kiss in the form of an official Kinect SDK. Microsoft will be releasing the full SDK for Kinect on Windows 7 and it will allow developers to get at the naughty bits of that little hellion rather than just the raw data people have been getting so far. This should, theoretically, allow developers to create more precise and sophisticated uses.

The SDK will provide drivers and libraries that live above the raw data, allowing developers to fully utilize the camera, mic and motors. The purpose of the new SDK is to “meet the needs of higher-level people who don’t care how the camera works” but know what they want it to do. Best hacks so far, after the jump.

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