Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day

This is something that tugs at my heart. Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. I’m a lover of science and engineering. I’m a geek and a nerd to my core and I love anything that makes geek cool. It’s no secret that women are vastly under-represented in engineering professions but it’s not because of lack of ability. What the reason is, no one is certain. Some theorize that it’s an upbringing that stresses traditional gender roles. We’ll know whether that’s the case in the next decade or two as the first generation with largely equal gender expectations takes over from the last generation where gender was a major dividing line. (perhaps I’m being optimistic or expressing a measure of human conceit in assuming my generation thinks as I do).

This is probably easy for me to say since I come from a household of geek spectrum people. My mother is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who went ahead and added an Architectural Engineering degree for kicks (also about to add a masters in sustainable development, this time purely for the love of learning new things), and my baby sister has a Biomedical Engineering degree and is a couple months away from a Masters in Epidemiology and Disease Control. So the girl geek runs deep in my family and I have a natural affinity for ladies in the tech space. Announcement after the jump.

Announcement from the National Engineers Week Foundation website:

In honor of the 10-year anniversary, the goal this year is to serve 10,000 ten year old girls with a positive engineering experience during a ten week period with the help of ten national partners. For the past ten years, women engineers have introduced more than one million girls and young women to engineering. More than just one day, Introduce a Girl to Engineering is a national movement that shows girls how creative and collaborative engineering is and how engineers are changing our world

Planning an event? Whether you are participating in 10 for 10 or have other Girl Day plans, let us know! CLICK HERE to be counted.

Join our ’10 for 10′ ANNIVERSARY CAMPAIGN, a multi-faceted effort intended to reach 10,000 10-year-old girls with positive engineering experiences. ’10 for 10′ runs for 10 weeks, February 24 through May 8, Mother’s Day.

Ten year old girls reached as of today:

Check out the ’10 for 10′ planning partners. Each one is recruiting 10 partners.


Shout out to girlstart, BrainCake and GirlsGoTech too.  (BrainCake might give you a headache).

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